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Safe drainage for your construction project

Are you a building owner, planner, material processor or other player in the construction industry? Then you've come to the right place! As experts in cast iron drainage pipe systems, we will explain to you what you should pay attention to when it comes to drainage systems in buildings to always be on the safe side!

Areas of application and use

Cast-iron drainage systems are used in the majority of buildings of public developers. They are convincing in terms of fire and sound protection as well as sustainability and provide architects, planners and ultimately also developers with security in terms of building and planning regulations.

  • Industrial and production buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Residential buildings
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Tourism and leisure facilities
  • Health and care facilities
  • Commercial kitchens and laboratory equipment
  • Educational institutions
  • Underground and multi-storey car parks

To the areas of application

Building certifications

Investors, tenants and developers are increasingly opting for certified buildings only. Worldwide, there are many different building certifications that assess both sustainable building construction and the sustainability of existing properties. Special consideration is given to the conservation of resources through sustainable recycling management. With the material cast iron, you easily meet the requirements of the certifying organisations.

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Fire classification and building classes

In Germany, the Model Building Code (MBO) distinguishes between different building classes - the higher the building class, the higher the requirements in terms of fire protection, also for drainage systems. According to DIN EN 13501-1 and DIN 4102-1, building products and types of construction are classified according to their fire behaviour. The classification ranges from non-combustible to highly flammable.

Does your building to be planned correspond to class 4 or 5? Then you have to comply with increased fire protection measures in the form of standards and building guidelines.

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Building law standards and guidelines

At federal level, the Model Building Code (MBO) in Germany is the general framework for concrete building specifications of the federal states. Via the Model Piping System Guideline (MLAR), the federal states regulate, among other things, the fire protection planning and installation of piping systems - including, for example, the routing of piping through certain walls and ceilings. You should take the following regulations into account when planning drainage systems:

  • MBO (Model Building Code)
  • MLAR (Model Piping Systems Directive)
  • LBO (Building Regulations of the Federal States)
  • MVV TB (Model Administrative Regulation on Technical Building Regulations)

On our IZEG fire test page, you can find out more about fire protection regulations. If you have any further questions about planning and installation, please contact our manufacturers directly.

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