Areas of application and use

Where are cast iron drainage pipe systems used?

Cast-iron drainage systems are used in the majority of buildings of public developers. They are convincing in terms of fire and sound protection as well as sustainability and provide architects, planners and ultimately also developers with security in terms of building and planning regulations.

Safe residential buildings

The highest safety requirements apply to buildings where people live. Preventive structural fire protection is a key aspect.

In Germany, different building classes are distinguished - the higher the building class, the higher the requirements in terms of fire protection, also for the drainage systems. With non-combustible cast-iron systems, you meet all the necessary requirements.

About the products

Special fire and sound protection in hospitals, offices, hotels & co.

In larger buildings such as hospitals, hotels, residential homes or office buildings, structural fire protection is essential. High requirements apply in particular to escape and rescue routes and the building materials used in these areas. In these areas, too, non-combustible cast-iron drainage pipes are the safest solution.

Sound insulation in the rooms in these buildings requiring protection according to DIN 4109 also plays a special role. This means: The wastewater noise from the pipe systems should not have a disturbing effect on rooms requiring protection, such as recreation rooms. Cast-iron systems dampen the sound effectively.

More about sound insulation

The use determines the product


The special nature of aggressive and special waste water

The requirements on drainage systems in commercial kitchens are particularly high: aggressive fats and food residues, etc., enter the drainage system at high discharge temperatures. To protect the material, specific coating of the drainage pipes is necessary.

Similar peculiarities prevail in hospitals. For example, residues from disinfection equipment or suspended matter and chemicals from laboratories can get into the sewage system and be harmful to the materials in the drainage system.

The safest choice there is a cast-iron drainage pipe system made of KML or MLK pipes.

In all cases, the separation of fats, starch residues and hazardous substances is compulsory prior to discharging the waste water into a public sewage system.

KML/MLK pipes